Why You Need Insulated Garage Doors

Fall is here and that means the air gets crisper, the leaves begin to fall and the temperature begins to plummet. Soon many homeowners will be reaching for the thermostat and turning on the heat. And if you want to keep your utility bills as low as possible don’t forget about one of the biggest doors in your home, your garage door.

Opening your garage door in the winter isn’t like opening your front door, your garage door is much larger and is usually open for a much longer period of time than other doors in your home. This is why having insulated garage door is crucial for keeping the heat in your garage & home during the cool New England months.

They will keep your garage warmer

It’s no surprise that when the weather begins to cool down so does the temperatures in your garage. But by installing insulated garage doors when the temperature drops below freezing you don’t have to worry about your garage getting that cold. In some cases, cars and other equipment that are stored in your garage door are unable to start if garage temperatures get too cold.

Helps with the vestibule effect

If your garage is attached to your home it will act and a “buffer zone” between your cozy homes temperature and the great outdoors. By installing insulated garage doors this buffer zone is able to stay warmer and in turn keep your home at a constant temperature. This way every time you open the door to the garage you aren’t being blasted with cold air.

Creates for quieter operation

Insulated garage doors don’t just help with keeping heat in, they also help with reducing noise. The insulation helps to reduce noise from the outside as well as keeps the door from rattling less during operation.

Now is the time to install your insulated garage doors, you’ll be happy you did come the harsh winter months. Contact Salem Overhead Door Company today to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE.