4 Ways To Protect Your Garage In The Winter

Having a garage during the winter months can help protect your car & other supplies from freezing temperatures, ice and snow, but what is protecting your garage. You can protect your garage and the supplies stored there by winterizing. Here are a few ways to protect your garage this winter.

Replace Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping creates a seal between the garage door and garage door opening. Over time your garage’s weather-stripping can become brittle and cracked which will allow cold air to make its way between the door and the frame and ultimately into your garage. To fix this remove the existing weather-stripping and any remaining sealant and replace it with a new weather-stripping.

Insulate Garage Walls

Insulated garage doors will keep the harsh winter air out of your garage. Install insulated walls in your garage door. One of the most difficult parts of insulating your garage walls and doors is the installation process. The material has to fit snugly but not be too tightly packed. If you are planning on installing insulation to your garage door & walls make sure to call the professionals to ensure the job is done correctly.

Repair Garage Doors

Make sure your garage is in tip top shape before winter hits. Repair any dents, cracks or holes that could get worse during the long winter months. Sometimes, the best option is to replace your garage doors completely. If you do opt to replace your garage doors you open yourself to a wide variety of options including newly designed fully insulated doors.

Install a unit heater  

Insulation & weather-stripping protection can help keep winter weather out but if you are looking to warm of your garage door from the inside you may want to consider installing unit heater. Unit heaters area a great way to heat a garage that you want to use as a work space throughout the winter. You can choose between gas & electric heaters which usually require minimal space in your garage.

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