Building a Laundry Room in Your Garage

If you’re looking for a laundry room and rarely use the garage, why not use the extra space to store your washer and dryer?

In the winter time, keep in mind that it’s going to be extremely cold so make sure to insulate your garage and avoid drying large items in the garage as the humidity level will increase. However, you can install a dehumidifier.

You must consider the utilities and how to upgrade the electrics. You’ll also need to hire a special contractor for plumbing and gas.

There are plenty of pros and cons to building a laundry room in your garage. For starters, you’re expanding the size of your home and increasing the resale value. The insulation also acts as soundproofing which reduces vibrations from the washer and dryer. However, the garage does get dirty pretty fast so the room needs to be cleaned constantly.

Some other things to consider:

  • Use epoxy paint on the floor
  • Paint the walls & ceiling
  • Incorporate supplemental lighting
  • Add new storage shelves
  • Get rid of any old items that you’ve been hoarding in the garage

Need a New Garage Door

If you’re in need of a new garage door to complement your new laundry room. Give us a call at 978-741-3436. We have years of experience providing both commercial and residential garage door installations and repairs.

Top Garage Door Styles

There are four types of garage doors – swing out, swing up, roll up and slide to the side. If you want a distinct look or you need the ceiling clear, use swing-out carriage-house doors or opt for a more popular option, sectional roll-up doors.

It’s crucial to choose a door that matches your house’s style. Modern roll-up doors typically replicate old swing doors as they feature faux strip hinges on the sides as well as handles which come with a deep groove in the center.

A majority of styles offer panels, trim and other ornate details. Roll-up doors provide a modern look when frosted plastic panels are used.

Wood doors are ideal if you are frequently playing basketball in the driveway because the wood can withstand the basketballs bumping up against the garage. However, they do require repainting very frequently.

Steel doors are perfect if you aren’t looking to do a lot of maintenance. This material is also inexpensive and durable. However, steel does rust so you might need to touch it up if there are any scratches.

Aluminum doors are often replaced by heavy-duty versions with extruded frames and dent-resistant materials. Aluminum is suggested for homeowners who have extra-wide double doors.

Fiberglass doors usually don’t crack or dent and they don’t rust, however, they can break with rigorous impact. Steel end caps are used with fiberglass doors because they improve rigidity.

Vinyl doors are extremely challenging to dent or break which is why they are often promoted as “kid proof.” These types of doors look nearly identical to fiberglass doors but come in select colors. They are also extremely durable and don’t need much maintenance.