Building a Laundry Room in Your Garage

If you’re looking for a laundry room and rarely use the garage, why not use the extra space to store your washer and dryer?

In the winter time, keep in mind that it’s going to be extremely cold so make sure to insulate your garage and avoid drying large items in the garage as the humidity level will increase. However, you can install a dehumidifier.

You must consider the utilities and how to upgrade the electrics. You’ll also need to hire a special contractor for plumbing and gas.

There are plenty of pros and cons to building a laundry room in your garage. For starters, you’re expanding the size of your home and increasing the resale value. The insulation also acts as soundproofing which reduces vibrations from the washer and dryer. However, the garage does get dirty pretty fast so the room needs to be cleaned constantly.

Some other things to consider:

  • Use epoxy paint on the floor
  • Paint the walls & ceiling
  • Incorporate supplemental lighting
  • Add new storage shelves
  • Get rid of any old items that you’ve been hoarding in the garage

Need a New Garage Door

If you’re in need of a new garage door to complement your new laundry room. Give us a call at 978-741-3436. We have years of experience providing both commercial and residential garage door installations and repairs.

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