How to Open Your Garage Door if There is a Power Outage

Automatic garage door openers are extremely convenient but because we use them almost everyday, we often take them for granted. When power outages occur we have no idea how to get our vehicles in or out of the garage. You actually don’t need to call anyone to repair the garage door – it’s pretty simple to get your car in and out of the garage once you figure out how.

Use the Bypass Trigger

If you notice a rope hanging on the inside of your garage, you can use this to manually open the garage. By yanking this rope, the opener disengages from the automatic system. Make sure that you use this only when the garage door is shut because if it’s open, the garage door can shut down extremely fast. This can be quite dangerous to you or the door can break.

Pull the rope as close to the garage door monitor as you can. This ensures that the rope is out of the way while you use the door during manual mode. While it does take more effort, keep in mind that homeowners have been using manual garage door openers for years.

When the Power Turns┬áBack On…

Reattach your garage door to the automatic opener once the power turns back on. Pull the handle at the rope again and pull the door up until it snaps back into place. If you choose to push the button on the automatic opener instead, the spring attachment reconnects when the power open reaches a certain point.

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