When Should I Replace My Garage Door?

Did you know that replacing your garage door increases your return on investment? However, it can be difficult to know when you should replace your garage door. If there’s a small dent or a few scrapes, does this mean you need an entirely new garage door?

Slow Door

If you garage door is extremely slow when you open or close it,it’s time for a new door. It should really only take a few moments between the time you hit the button and the time the garage door opens and closes.


It’s easy to differentiate an older garage door from a new one since new garage doors are very quiet. It might be time for a new garage door if you notice a dramatic increase in sound.


If your garage door is just downright ugly, don’t second guess purchasing a new garage door. The aesthetics of the exterior of your home is huge! You can easily boost your home’s curb appeal with a modern garage door.


New garage doors feature security elements such as automatic reversal when the garage door comes into contact with a random object. If your current garage door doesn’t offer any safety, get a new garage door.

Constant Breakdowns

This is the biggest indicator that you need a new garage door. Not only is it frustrating to have a garage door break down constantly but it can get expensive to have it repaired all the time. At a certain point you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it to keep having it repaired.

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