Tip & Repair Advice for Garage Doors

Most of the time you’ll need to call a professional for garage door repair services, especially if it’s related to the extension or torsion springs. Below is a list of some common garage door issues that you can fix on your own.

  1. Check Old Springs

Look at the springs on the garage a few times a year and search for anything that is broken. You’ll notice if something is out of place if you’re checking the mechanisms on a regular basis.

2. Sagging Garage Door

Older garages, specifically older wooden doors can fall apart pretty quickly. When the door starts to sag, position square rods on the back of the door. Place the rods diagonally from the top to bottom corners as they can be tightened at a turnbuckle.

3. Replace Rollers

Make sure you repair your garage rollers! Check them twice a year as they need to replaced every seven years. If you notice the rollers are chipped or cracked, make sure to replace these immediately.

4. Fix the Weatherstripping

When the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom of the door is chipped or cracked, it needs to be replaced immediately. You can easily make this purchase at any hardware or improvement store.

5. Lubricate Any Moving Parts

Your garage door will function much easier if it’s greased up on occasion. Also it only takes about 10 minutes. Be sure to use white lithium grease on the chains and screws.

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Top Reasons Why Your Old Garage Door Opener Needs to Be Replaced

Your garage doors open and shut multiple times on a daily basis. Letting you out in the morning back in in the evening and however many times in-between that. In fact, the average garage door opens and shuts around 1,500 times per year.

As the largest moving piece in your home your garage door should be paid attention and not only to the doors themselves but the mechanism moving them up and down safely on a daily basis. Your garage door openers control your garage doors and your ability to come and go as you please.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize garage door openers do not last forever. If your own a garage door opener that is more than 15-20 years it may be time for a replacement. So how do you know when it’s time to get your garage door opener replaced? Here are a few tips and warning signs it may be time to replace your garage door opener.

  1. 1993 CPSC Rule

In 1993, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission established a new set of rules for automatic residential garage door openers to make them safer. This rule required that any automatic garage door opener manufacturers after January 1991 conform to the entrapment protection requirements laid out by law. The basic change was that any garage door opener was required to have a safety reversing mechanism. This protects children and small animals, if at any time during closing an object, person, animal etc. interferes with doors immediately stop and reverses.

If you have a garage door opener manufactured before the 1993 CPSC ruling it could be potentially dangerous and should be replaced. Even if you have a post-1993 unit it is important that you regularly check the safety reversing mechanism to ensure it is working properly.

  1. Noisy

Another sign you need to replace your garage door opening is if it is very noisy.  Noisy garage door openers could mean you have an outdated system. Older models were built with large noisy components while newer models use much quieter chains or belts. Not only can a noisy garage door opener be a sign of age it can be a nuisance for everyone around your garage door. You don’t want to be known around the neighborhood as the home with the noisy garage doors.

  1. Security

Home security is an extremely important part of your garage doors function. The garage is often on of the main ways to enter a home and it is essential they have proper security. Older garage door opener models had very little security features. They had fixed codes which could be easily stolen and became a popular entry for burglars. Newer models now use rolling codes which means the code changes each time the door is operated making it much more difficult for burglars to steal.

  1. Battery Powered

Having your car locked in your garage during a power outage can be extremely frustrating. Garage door openers are operated using electricity but when the electricity goes out what are you to do? New models have battery backup features which allow you to open your garage doors even during a power outage.

  1. Outside Keypad

One of the most convenient updates to newer models of garage door openers is the outside keypad. Older garage door openers had manual operations, if you want to open the door from the outside you would have to use a key. The outside keypad is much more convenient and allows you to give access to people even when you aren’t home.

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