Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Garages are often a place for storage. Whether it is storing you vehicle or housing your tools having proper storage space in your garage is extremely important. Too often does your garage turn from a place for organized storage to a cluttered overcrowded mess. Here are a few tips on how to eliminate clutter and take your garage back!

Shoe Storage

The garage is the main entrance to many homes, which makes it the perfecting dumping spot for shoes and other common items. Avoid this clutter by adding a shoe storage area where kids can drop off things like shoes, backpacks, and sports equipment before entering your home. Having a place to store these items neatly can instantly clear up the floor. For added organization include hooks and cubbies for extra storage for coats and other items.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage units are a great way to take advantage of unused space on the ceiling. Add suspended shelving above garage doors to provide out of the way storage for items that you may not need to access daily like holiday decorations.


Installing a wall of cabinetry is the perfect way to add organization to your cluttered garage. You can go with built-in storage or added cabinets from your local organization or home goods store. Adding cabinets with doors allows you to store all your items and close the doors creating a clean look in your garage.


Pegboards are perfect if you are creating a workspace or looking for a way to store tools. This organization tool is simple, affordable and incredibly effective. Hang a sheet of pegboards and simply add pegs, you can then hold just about any tool for your garage workspace.

Slate walls

Slate walls are often used by retail stores as a way to keep things off the floor but still within reach. You can add different hooks and shelves to fit into the horizontal slates making for a customized storage center right in your garage. Slate wall storage are perfect for getting cluttered items off the floor of your garage door while still maintaining easy access, for items such as toys and bikes you use on a daily basis.