4 Ways To Protect Your Garage In The Winter

Having a garage during the winter months can help protect your car & other supplies from freezing temperatures, ice and snow, but what is protecting your garage. You can protect your garage and the supplies stored there by winterizing. Here are a few ways to protect your garage this winter.

Replace Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping creates a seal between the garage door and garage door opening. Over time your garage’s weather-stripping can become brittle and cracked which will allow cold air to make its way between the door and the frame and ultimately into your garage. To fix this remove the existing weather-stripping and any remaining sealant and replace it with a new weather-stripping.

Insulate Garage Walls

Insulated garage doors will keep the harsh winter air out of your garage. Install insulated walls in your garage door. One of the most difficult parts of insulating your garage walls and doors is the installation process. The material has to fit snugly but not be too tightly packed. If you are planning on installing insulation to your garage door & walls make sure to call the professionals to ensure the job is done correctly.

Repair Garage Doors

Make sure your garage is in tip top shape before winter hits. Repair any dents, cracks or holes that could get worse during the long winter months. Sometimes, the best option is to replace your garage doors completely. If you do opt to replace your garage doors you open yourself to a wide variety of options including newly designed fully insulated doors.

Install a unit heater  

Insulation & weather-stripping protection can help keep winter weather out but if you are looking to warm of your garage door from the inside you may want to consider installing unit heater. Unit heaters area a great way to heat a garage that you want to use as a work space throughout the winter. You can choose between gas & electric heaters which usually require minimal space in your garage.

Year Round Garage Door Installation

The temperature are beginning to drop and the hats, scarves, and mittens are getting dug out of storage, it is safe to say the winter is almost here!  But just because the seasons change doesn’t mean your garage doors have to suffer.

Many people thnk just because it is winter means you will need to wait until the warm weather for any garage door repairs, replacement or installations but that is simply not true. At Salem Overhead Door Co. Inc, we provide our exceptional garage door service year round, rain snow or shine!

In fact, winter may be the time you need new garage doors the most! New England winters can be harsh and if you have not replaced your flimsy or broken garage doors. Don’t suffer through another endless winter with old garage doors, contact Salem Overhead Door. In fact replacing your garage doors now could save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bill this winter!

Maybe you just want an update to your home. Beautiful new garage doors can make the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season!

At Salem Overhead Door we pride ourselves on providing the very best in quality & customer service in the business, which is why we provide our service all year round. If you need a garage door replacement or repair this winter make sure to call the trusted garage door professionals at Salem Overhead Door Co. Inc. today!

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Your garage door should last you about 25-30 years if properly maintained. But often times you move into a home and do not know the last time the garage door replaced or maybe the previous owner did not take the proper care of the garage door significantly reducing its lifespan, or maybe you just think it is time for a cosmetic upgrade.

Here are a few ways to know when it may be time to replace that old garage door.


Have you noticed your garage doors significantly slowing down? It should only take a moment between hitting the opener button and your door beginning to open or close. If you experience a delay it may be time to have your doors examined by a professional who can tell you if it’s time to replace them.


Garage doors should run smoothly and quietly. As garage doors get older a number of factors lead to an increase in noise of operation. If you begin to notice an increase in how noisily your garage door opens or closes it may be time for a complete overhaul.


Your garage doors are some of the most prominent parts of your house that make up a large part of your home’s curb appeal. If your garage doors are outdated and out of style it may be time for a replacement. Replacing your garage doors can is proven to provide a return on investment greater than many other home improvement efforts at the same time as improving your home’s curb appeal.


Are you constantly repairing your garage door? You can invest in replacement parts over and over but eventually, you will reach a point where is may be more cost effective to simply replace the entire system.


Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills? You may be losing heating or air conditioning through and outdated and poorly insulated garage door. Now garage doors have an installation to help keep your heat or AC where it belongs in your home.

If you are noticing one or more of these factors with your garage door it may be time for a replacement. Contact Salem Overhead Door Co. Inc. today, one of our skilled technicians will come out to your home or business and perform a full inspection to determine if a garage door replacement is necessary.

Garage Door Safety Tips: Keeping Children Safe around Garage Doors

Garage doors are heavy duty equipment and can pose an often over-looked danger especially when it comes to young children. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your family safe around your garage doors.
Check your garage door’s sensors & auto reverse feature

Almost all automatic garage door openers now come with a functional obstruction sensor and auto reverse feature. This help detect is anything whether it be a ball, pet, or small child is in the path of the garage door before or during closing. There are some simple ways to check to ensure these functions are working. You can block the sensor and see if the garage door stops and reverses, or you can stand outside the door and lean your weight against it with you palm. The door should stop and reverse directions when you apply resistance.

Don’t Let Children Play with the Door

It’s important to teach children the proper way to handle garage doors and that your children do not consider garage door a toy or something to play with. Do not let your children play with the potentially dangerous pulleys, cable or torsion springs that can catch clothing or skin. Don’t let your children hang off garage door or race under the garage door when it is opening or closing. Children should stand away from moving garage doors as well.

Invest in Quality Garage Doors

By investing in quality garage doors made out of sturdy, durable materials you can help protect your family against mechanical failures brought about through bad manufacturing. This can help protect your family from any future accidents that may occur with your garage door.

Perform Regular Maintenance

No matter what you should always perform regular maintenance on your garage doors to ensure they are working properly and safely. Check things like the balance of your garage door. You should be able to open and close your garage door smoothly with the doors moving freely over the tracks. Regular maintenance could help you discover a minor issue with your garage door before it becomes a major one.

What Questions to Ask Yourself When in the Market for a New Garage Door

When it’s time to purchase a new garage door you may have a lot of
questions. There is a long list of garage doors out there and choosing the perfect one isn’t always clear. Purchasing a garage door is something you only do a few times in your lifetime, so you may not know the right questions to ask. We are here to help! Here are some of the most important questions to ask when purchasing a new garage door.

Why are you purchasing a new garage door?
By clearly defining your motivation for why you are purchasing a new garage door you can more easily orient your purchase decision. Are you looking to change the appearance? Are you tired of freezing temperatures in your garage? Are tired of having to force it open? Whatever the reason it is best to identify it before you begin shopping around.

What are you plans with your new garage door?
Determine how you will be using your garage door so you can prioritize your selection criteria. Will you be using it for renovations or new construction?  Will you be using it for storage to park your car or both? Is it someplace you’ll spend time all seasons? How important is weather- tightness? Knowing what your main use for your garage door will help you answer some important questions down the road.

Which criteria is most important to you?
Now that you know what you will be doing with your new garage door you should prioritize the criteria. These criteria usually fall into 3 categories including functionality of door, the aesthetics of the door and the budget you’re prepared to allocate to your project. Once you put these in order of most important to least important you can then begin to look for the perfect garage door for you.

What type of garage doors are available on the market?
You should now have a good idea of what you will be looking for in a garage door and you can look to see what’s available on the market. Basically, there are 3 types of garage doors wood, metal, and fully-glazed aluminium.

If you are looking for wood doors there is a variety of different wood from low end to solid wood doors. Often times the most desirable aspect of a wooden garage door is the traditional and natural appearance although they usually require maintenance.

Metal doors can be insulated or uninsulated and vary in thickness. Metal doors require little to no maintenance and are usually manufactured with a fire glazed insulation and weather tightness.

And finally, fully-glazed aluminium is a style of door used primarily on modern or contemporary style homes and usually has a large number of windows. Although these doors are a little pricier they really give your home a facelift.

Whatever budget, style, brand or material you are looking for in a garage door, Salem Overhead Door Co. Inc. is sure to find the perfect fit for you. So if you are in the market for a new garage door contact Salem Overhead Door Company Inc. today or stop by our showroom in Salem MA.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Garage From Breaking Down

Although your garage door may look like a simple instrument, there is a lot that goes into moving your garage door up and down at a push of a button. A garage door is easy to move because of an intricate set of springs and pulleys that balances the weight of your door. In fact, if you have ever encountered a garage door with broken springs you can tell just how heavy they are and just how dangerous they can be.

While you should never attempt to repair your garage doors on your own there are a series of maintenance tasks that are well within the reach of the average homeowner and should be performed regularly to help extend the life of your garage door.

salem overhead doorLubricate: Noisy Garage doors are not only annoying to you, but your neighbors as well. Keep the metal parts such as chains rollers and hinges lubricated with a lithium or silicone spray.

Clean your Track
: Another issue you may face with your garage door track could be that it is dirty. Your track requires regular cleaning as dirt and debris can build up on the track and lead to premature failure of your rollers, springs and even your bearings. Cleaning is very simple, a damp cloth will take care of most of the dirt and debris.

Replace Weather Seals: A weather seal is the soft rubber or plastic material located on the bottom and sides of your garage door. This flexible material creates a barrier when your garage comes all the way down and it is pressed against the floor, helping keep unwanted weather and air out. After some time these seals become worn down and can no longer perform their job properly. Depending on weather these seals should be replaced every 5 to 10 years.

Realign Garage Door Sensors: Your garage door sensors help your opener detect when the door is all the way up or down and all the way up, as well as when there is an obstruction that may keep the door from closing.  Your garage door sensors are extremely important to the safety and function of your garage door. If the sensors get out of alignment your garage doors may not function properly.

These sensors are located at the bottom of the door and can be easily bumped out of place by entering and exiting the garage. Realigning them should not require more than just a gentle push but can help the overall function of your garage doors.



How a Garage Door Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

Are you having trouble selling your home or just looking to give it a quick facelift before putting it on the market? One way to add value to your home and help you sell faster is to add an eye-catching garage door.

Garage doors can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal which is a huge factor to potential home buyers. Some possible things you can achieve by renovating your garage door include

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Express new taste with exterior design
  • Increase energy efficiency and lower utility costs
  • Add more storage space to your garage

Think about it, when you visit a home what is the first thing you see. If your garage door is in the front it can take up anywhere between 30-40% of the entire front of the home. If it is dinged up or the design doesn’t go well with the rest of your house it is sure to be a turn-off to potential buyers.

Garage door renovation compared to other home renovations is a small investment which yields a large return. According to remodeling magazine replacing a garage door yields a 91.5% return on investment.

At Salem Overhead Door Company we offer a variety of residential garage door so you are sure to find one that fits your home and budget. Some of our top brands include Haas Door, Wayne-Dalton, Clingerman Custom Doors, Richards-Wilcox and many more. All of our garage doors are stylish in design with superior efficiency that will add the style you are looking for your homes curb appeal.

If you are putting your home on the market consider giving it a quick update with a garage door replacement. Call the experts at Salem Overhead Door Company and we will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Contact us today at 978-741-3436 for your quote!